A place for new visions

From our history

The non-profit association «Zuger Gründerzentrum» was set up in June 1998 as a joint initiative by private Zug entrepreneurs, the canton of Zug and individual municipalities.

Our vision & mission

With the BusinessPark Zug (Zuger Gründerzentrum) run by the association, we are pursuing the goal of offering young entrepreneurs an ideal platform for building up a company and thus improving their medium-term chances of survival. Around 80 members are active in the association. These include well-known companies, communities and institutions. This ensures the necessary stability and dynamic innovative strength. The BusinessPark Zug trademark is registered with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (view registration).

Events & network

Our members form a valuable network for young companies and start-ups. The BusinessPark’s public relations work and regular events create further valuable contacts and opportunities to expand the network. This makes the BusinessPark Zug the ideal platform for successfully building up a business.

Networking at the BusinessPark

The BusinessPark Zug organizes various events every year. The aim of these events is to bring together the members of the association and the BusinessPark entrepreneurs. This creates an excellent platform for the start-ups and SMEs to present themselves.

Networking & Community

Take advantage of the good energy at the BusinessPark Zug and our resident companies for interesting conversations or simply to exchange experiences. We support the networking of tenants and the formation of a business community.

Interested in a place at the BPZ?